Separate driving license to drive public and private vehicles!

Kathmandu. The Transport Improvement Suggestion Task Force has suggested that separate driver's licenses be arranged for driving public vehicles and private vehicles. The Transport Improvement Suggestion Working Group has suggested that there is a need for separate driver's license for driving public vehicles and private vehicles.

A seven-member task force headed by former secretary Sharad Chandra Paudel submitted a report with its recommendations to the government only recently. The report envisages the provision of commercial vehicle driver's license for driving public vehicles and ordinary i.e. non-commercial vehicle driver's license for driving other types of vehicles.

A different examination system and renewal system has been targeted for both types of driving license. Practical knowledge related to the physical structure and systems of vehicles, practical skills to identify and maintain the main malfunctions that may occur in vehicles, legal provisions related to public transportation, dealing with passengers, employers and other road users and the knowledge related to duties towards them are not sufficient for public vehicle drivers. It has been pointed out that this type of arrangement should be made to make public transport safe, dignified and orderly.

At present, there is no special arrangement other than that it has been some time since the license of small and medium vehicles has been obtained to apply for a license to drive public vehicles such as buses and trucks. There is no special arrangement for the renewal of driver's license of public vehicles and the renewal period of all licenses is the same, so it is not possible to periodically evaluate the health and psychosocial condition of public vehicle drivers.

The task force suggested that in order to allow drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate public transport, a commercial driver's license for public transport drivers and a general i.e. non-commercial driver's license for other drivers should be arranged. In this, it is said that public vehicles can only be driven by holders of commercial vehicle driver's license and when driving such a vehicle, the driver must wear the prescribed dress and must also arrange for an identity card.

Similarly, it is also said to arrange that only persons who have received special training related to commercial driver's license can apply for commercial driver's license. Although the validity period of the driver's license is 10 years, it is also proposed that the commercial driver's license holder should undergo a health check every year, and if found unfit, it will be suspended for that period.

It is said that after evaluating physical and mental health condition, records related to violation of traffic rules, alcohol or drug addiction, involvement in criminal and anti-social activities, people who are not considered suitable will not be given or renewed commercial driver's license.

For this arrangement, provision for non-commercial and commercial driver's license and separate systems for issuing and renewing those licenses should be made in the Vehicle and Transportation Act and Regulations.

In addition, for its proper implementation, it has been suggested to the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport and the Provincial Governments to ensure that digital readable codes are placed on the driver's license and that all types of records remain under the Department of Transport Management and the Traffic Police Office.

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