Seven high-risk situations in Chrome detected by Google

Seven high-risk situations in Chrome detected by Google

Google has identified seven high-risk security vulnerabilities in Google Chrome. Google Chrome has about 2 billion users. The web browser market is dominated by Google Chrome. Windows, Linux and Mac OS are at high risk.

Google has not commented on the problem, as it could give hackers even more chances. Within two months, Google has issued a fourth upgrade warning. Experts have speculated that V8, Web RTC and Angle have problems.

V8 is Chrome’s open source JavaScript engine. Web RTC allows real-time audio and video streaming data transfer between browsers and mobile apps, and Angle is Google’s open source cross-platform graphics engine abstraction layer.

By combining all these, the target computer can be taken under control. To avoid data breach, Chrome users can go to Settings, go to Help and go to About Google Chrome. About can ask you to update and restart Chrome.


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