Shrestha, who lives in the UAE, won a two-storey house in Lalitpur by sending money through Iseva Money Transfer

Poorna Bahadur Shrestha, who lives in the UAE, has succeeded in winning a house in Lalitpur in the ‘Mero Digital Desh’ campaign conducted by digital remittance company Iseva Money Transfer.


On Friday, June 12th, the brand ambassadors of Iseva Money Transfer and the executive officer of the company succeeded in winning a house for Purna Bahadur Shrestha, who lives in the UAE, through the official Facebook page of Iseva Money Transfer.

Winner Shrestha has won a two-and-a-half-storied house built on an area of ​​3 annas in Imadol, Bojepokhari, Ward No. 4, Mahalakshmi Municipality, Lalitpur. Shrestha had sent the remittance from UAE to his father’s bank account at his home through Iseva Money Transfer.

Speaking in a live broadcast program with a press conference, Daniel D. Shrestha, director of Iseva Money Transfer, expressed his gratitude to the winner Shrestha.

In the program, he said, ‘Esewa Money Transfer, a company under the Efwan Soft Group, which is continuously working to create a cashless economy in Nepal, is conducting a campaign to digitize remittances as well. I would like to thank all the Nepalis who have supported and encouraged this campaign. I want to give you confidence that in the coming days, the company will continue to digitize remittances and make them faster and more reliable.’

Iseva Money Transfer launched the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign with the aim of encouraging legalization of remittances from abroad.

The company, which has been promoting digital remittances, had announced that through the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign, Nepalis in any country in the world would be given a two-and-a-half-storey house in Kathmandu as a bumper gift to a person when they send money to the bank account of the desired person in Nepal.

People who sent remittances from October 7 to June 6 participated in this campaign. As part of the ‘Mero Digital Desh’ campaign, we also provided attractive gifts to the customers’ homes every month.

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer of Iseva Money Transfer, Ajesh Koirala, said that Win your dream house under the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign has been successfully completed in terms of legalizing remittances sent by Nepalis from abroad.

He said, ‘With the purpose with which we conducted this campaign, there was enthusiastic participation of Nepalese brothers and sisters. We expect that you will continue the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign in the coming days and encourage statutory remittances.’

Isewa Money Transfer has been depositing remittances into the accounts of more than six million users of Isewa wallet and any bank and financial institution through traditional and digital means.

Iseva Money Transfer has been providing remittance payment services to its customers through its more than 12,000 payment centers and over 120,000 cash points of Iseva.

Isewa Money Transfer, approved by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2019, is also a sister company of Efwan Soft Group, which has been empowering more than 16 million people and more than 100,000 organizations across the country through fintech-based payment services.

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