Siddharth Bank Introduces ‘Siddharth Bank Smart EXP’, Fraud Control

Siddharth Bank Limited has upgraded its mobile banking app to Siddharth BankSmartXP. This will help to control the fraud in the app and it can be used easily through all media and multi-channel.

The new application promoted by Fwan Soft International is based on the Bank XP architecture, which will further expand the scope of user functionality.

Siddharth Bank SmartXP is based on a comprehensive approach to digital banking. This will allow customers to use the same credentials (passwords) to access the application from their mobile and web devices.

The new application has many features such as bill payment, check book request, self password/pin reset, e-appointment, interoperability between devices.

In addition, Siddharth BankSmartXP is also using the latest fraud control mechanisms. This app has the ability to automatically verify the SIM number that the user is trying to log in to, and will not allow the user to use the app until it is verified that the SIM registered in the user’s account is the same number.

“Customers are reluctant to use mobile banking because of the possibility that other people can access their accounts.

With our latest efforts in fraud control using auto-verification, fraud will be minimized and only verified customers will get access to their accounts through mobile banking,” said a representative of Siddharth Bank.

“Sidarth Bank has always been promoting digital banking. We believe that digital is the way of the future and with the launch of the latest version of our app, users will be able to access a variety of banking services directly from the app.

Siddharth Bank is a category A financial institution licensed by the National Bank of Nepal. Established in 2002, this institution is considered as the most influential and professional bank in Nepal.

This bank integrates digital banking in most of its operations, making banking services easily and simply accessible to all its customers.

Siddharth Bank is leading the market with a customer-first approach under the slogan of ‘Relationship Forever’. Siddharth Bank Smart XP is available for download on both Play Store and App Store.

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