‘Skills has started working with the Government of Nepal to create employment opportunities in Nepal’

‘Skills has started working with the Government of Nepal to create employment opportunities in Nepal’

Janes Academy is launching ‘Janes Cloud Academy’ at the Institute of Engineering Studies (IOE) Pulchowk from today. For the first time in Nepal, ‘Janes Cloud Academy’ is going public in IOE in collaboration with UKSID.

What kind of project is Skill in this regard? What is it doing in Nepal? Why is this academy necessary? Interview with Baljit Bohara, Team Leader of UKAID Skills for ICT News:

What kind of project is Skill and what is it doing in Nepal?

Skills is enabling enterprise-driven scaling, work, and financial access for inclusive and flexible organizations in Nepal. This initiative was initiated by an agreement between the UK Government and the Government of Nepal.

Skills is working to change the labor force landscape in Nepal. By 2025, 67 percent of Nepal’s population will be of working age, which is why we need to create employment opportunities accordingly.

While SIPL was monitoring Nepal, it was found that students in Nepal dropped out of school without completing secondary level, tertiary education was not very good and many skilled people were not given the opportunity required by the industry.

Seeing the gap between the needs of education and industry, SIP has started working with the Government of Nepal to create employment opportunities and provide training to the Nepali population. Because of this, the demand of the industries is met and the number of people going abroad is also reduced to some extent, I think.

What is the essence of the Janes and UKAID Skills Partnership? How can this assistance transform Nepal’s education and employment?

Now we have to pay special attention to the demand for employment. It is seen that Nepal can do much better in providing services than other sectors. ICT is a very important area for this.

Now to imagine the future scenario, in the coming days, the society is moving towards cloud based computing, cloud based services, IoT, artificial intelligence and Janes is a multinational digital conversion cloud consulting company.

With that in mind, Janes and UKAid Skills have reached an agreement. It seems that it still takes time for the IT sector to develop in Nepal and in such a situation, Janes has been working for the development of ICT sector in Nepal for a long time.

As we watched, Janice partnered with a large company like Amazon to launch Amazon Web Academy. Amazon is bringing ICT change globally and with its arrival in Nepal we expect positive change.

It can be expected to create a lot of employment opportunities in Nepal. After seeing the opportunity to transform Nepal’s education and employment, especially the IT sector, in a very positive way in association with Janes, we also decided to support and partner on our behalf.

In our opinion, Genesis can bring a paradigm effect to the teaching style of Nepali colleges and we have come to this partnership as it is in line with our concept.

How do you see digital transformation affecting Nepal’s economy and how does it help scaling?

Digital conversion is bringing a lot of changes. Earlier we used to go to travel agencies to book tickets for going out but now such activities are being done online.

Similarly, before, you had to sit in line at the bank for hours to do financial work. Now e-banking has made it possible to work as a bank with just a few clicks.

Technology has made it easier for us to send money abroad, and our manufacturing trends are changing dramatically.

We are moving towards technological development like robotics, AR, VR. We can easily do the construction work with the help of GPS tracking.

We have also started using smart applications in agriculture to monitor the weather, survey the fields, check the soil, and apply fertilizers. Technology is affecting many types of industries.

Moreover, during this epidemic, our very efficiency has depended on technology. As the world moves towards digital transformation, it is very important for Nepal to acquire appropriate skills and pay attention to it.

Nepal needs to focus on how to use cloud-based solutions, how to bring AI into Nepal, and for this it is important to produce skilled and trained manpower.

For the first time in Nepal, IOE is launching ‘AWS Cloud Academy’ course in Nepal in collaboration with Janes and UKAID SIP. Why is this course necessary?

With the development of time, our industries are also changing. Because of this, it is very important that we also modify our curriculum.

Technology is becoming known worldwide as a game changer and even in this case, if we teach a 30-40 year old curriculum, it can create a huge gap between the demand and study of the industry. Students may not be ready for employment.

As the world moves towards cloud-based technology, AI, we need to make sure that our students get to study the same things. Quality curriculum is a very important aspect of competing with international level students in the future and when to prepare the force.

The ‘AWS Cloud Academy’ course is also being launched in Nepal for the first time and it will definitely help in marketing education.

We are delighted that Janes and Amazon have partnered to modify the curriculum with IOE as the ideal partner. I believe this can give students a chance to get employment after college.

How do you advise students to prepare for the future? Not just to compete in Nepal but in the global job market?

Now we have become more and more globalized only at the borders of the country and it is very important for the students to prepare accordingly. I have also found students to be very keen on the global job market.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has also brought great advances in technology and we all know that in the post-epidemic world there will be many differences in technology. The world will be very different when it comes to technology.

Today’s world will be driven by technological advances such as big data, augmented reality, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robots, digital twins, and cybersecurity. That’s why it’s important for schools and colleges to incorporate this technological change into their curriculum.

It is very important for Nepali students to follow these global trends because even though we are a small country geographically, we are a part of a big global change and that is why students should be prepared for the future in the same way.

In the area of ​​coronavirus epidemics and prolonged lockdowns, do you have any specific message, advice for long-term economic recovery based on the upcoming Skill Assistance Agreement for specific private, public sectors?

It has been found that e-commerce has been developing tremendously in the last one or two years. Companies like Daraj, Sastodil are doing a great job even during an epidemic. Similarly, in the field of vehicles, companies like Send, Total are doing a very good job.

Food delivery systems such as Foodmandu and Bhojdil are also becoming very popular. Such companies are disruptive and drastically change the traditional industrial system. Such changes are meant to last a long time and are bringing about positive change.

Of course, there is a downside to the epidemic, with people dying and suffering because of disease, but it is also an opportunity for innovation and technological change.

All I want to say to you is find out what your industry is like at the time of this ban and make sure you use your best efforts in digital conversion.


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