Social networks like Twitter and Facebook will not be available in India on May 26

In India, Twitter and Facebook will not be available on May 26. The Indian government introduced new rules for large social networks three months ago, and if not, the app may not run.

To date, many accountants have failed to comply with the Indian government’s three-month-old guidelines for social media and the Digital Media Ethics Code Rules, 2021.

This rule of the government will come into force from May 26. If social media does not follow the country’s rules, mediators will lose security and become criminals, according to Indian government officials.

With the exception of Ku, no social network has appointed a Resident Complaints Officer, a Chief Compliance Officer and a Nodal Liaison Officer as laid down in the regulations.

People have repeatedly complained that no action has been taken against the harassment and in view of all this, social networks like Twitter and Facebook have been shut down.

According to the source, the social media has to report what problems were reported by the user and what action the social network has taken to solve those problems, but no social network is doing that.

Although there are many users in India, those social networks have not taken any steps to follow the rules brought by India.


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