Some technology that can replace Smartphone’s use [View/Openion]

Smartphones have become an important part of life. In earlier times, only limited work was done by phone. However, since the word ‘smart’ has been associated with the phone, its definition has changed. Now, most work cannot be done without a phone.

Looking at the speed at which technology is expanding now, smartphone replacement seems not far away. Today, we will learn about some technologies that could eliminate the need for smartphones.

Wearable AI

Wearable AI Pin is a very new device in the world of technology. It has indicated that it can replace the smartphone in a very short time. This small device clips into your shirt pocket and can do everything a smartphone should.

While chatting with AI Pin, you can communicate in the same way as ChatGPT and ask questions like Siri or Alexa. AI PIN is powered by OpenAI’s GPT Four model.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Imagine being able to do what you can do with a smartphone only through glasses. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, introduced by Meta just a while ago, make this possible.

Interestingly, it has a 12MP ultrawide camera. It runs on the Snapdragon AR One Zen One chip. It has more than 150 custom frames and combination lenses available. These glasses come in black matte and glossy black colours. The design gives it a retro look.

Smart Ring

The concept of using a smartwatch instead of a smartphone is outdated now that smart rings have come onto the market. These rings allow many tasks that require a smartphone to be done. Samsung showed a glimpse of this smart ring at MWC 2024.

The Galaxy Smart Ring will have advanced technologies, hinting at a smartphone replacement. Apart from Samsung, smart rings from many other companies are also available.

AR, VR technology

In recent years, modern technologies such as AI VR have indicated that they can replace smartphones. Augmented Reality (AR) is based on virtual technology. What we see in this happens only in the virtual world but has no relevance to the real world.

VR stands for Virtual Reality, as opposed to Augmented Reality. In virtual reality, a different virtual world is created instead of the real world. Visuals and sounds are used for this. A headset with a camera is made for this.

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