Status of Women in Information Technology

The current time is information technology. Today, Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of daily life.


As information technology is becoming an important part of life, the presence of women in this field is also increasing. In the beginning, the attraction of women in information technology was not so much, but recently the attraction is increasing.

The number of women studying information technology is also increasing. Earlier, women who were interested in health, management and others have started studying information technology. A large number of female students can be seen in colleges where information technology is taught.

Former DIG of Nepal Police and Vice President of Women in Information Technology Sheila Kansakar Karki said that the number of women in information technology has increased significantly recently.

The number of women working in the information technology sector in Nepal is limited, but they are strong. From the government to the private sector, it has contributed to making technology friendly. He has also worked at the policy making level. The contribution of women working in ICT should not be underestimated to bring Nepal’s information technology sector to where it is today.

Although the number of women in information technology is increasing, it is not enough. The presence of women in the field of technology is weak all over the world.

Shreya Katuwal, the co-founder of Behe ​​Nepal, said that to increase women’s participation in information technology, they should be inspired from their childhood. ‘It is necessary to encourage women’s participation in information technology from a young age,’ she said, ‘in addition to this, if women can do something in technology, they should be instilled with confidence.’

Even now in Nepal, information technology is not known at the school level. In remote villages, there is no basic knowledge of information technology.

Although the government emphasizes on information technology, it is insufficient. Although there is some work, questions are raised about its effectiveness and quality. It seems that the government should also emphasize on increasing the number of women in information technology.

Karki says that emphasis should be placed on empowerment to increase women’s participation in technology. ‘The number of women in information technology is increasing, but emphasis should be placed on empowerment to increase it further,’ Karki said in a conversation with ICT news, ‘Women should also empower themselves. Women should be encouraged to join IT.’

In Nepali society, there are still groups that view women as ‘weak’. Even though the constitution talks about equal rights, in reality it is not the case. Although there is no discrimination like before, there is still discrimination between men and women in the society. Due to this discrimination, women have not come to the forefront.

Shraddha Katuwal, another co-founder of Behe ​​Nepal, also says that ‘mindset’ must be changed to increase the number of women in information and communication technology. He argues that women should make themselves strong and move forward to destroy the negative perceptions in the society.

With the increasing access to technology, many problems are coming. With the advent of technology, cyber security is a growing problem. Many women are suffering from violence through technology. Digital literacy has become necessary to avoid these types of violence through technology.

An organization established to empower and encourage women working in information technology and to attract women in this field, Women in Information Technology is working on digital literacy.

According to Karki, the organization has been organizing public awareness programs for women from time to time on digital literacy, cyber security and other information technology issues. In order to increase the presence of women in information technology, it seems that the government and the private sector should work together.

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