Strategic partnership between Axiata and Google Cloud, Ncell to join Google Cloud later this year

Strategic partnership between Axiata and Google Cloud, Ncell to join Google Cloud later this year

Mobile service provider Ncell’s Malaysian parent company Axiata has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Google Cloud. With this agreement, Ncell will move to Google Cloud later this year.

Axiata said in a statement on Thursday that the partnership would help digitize thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in Asia.

The partnership will be implemented in two parts. In the first phase, Axiata will provide Google workspace for ICT integration. This will help small and medium entrepreneurs in Asia to participate in ICT.

This work will start from Sri Lanka’s mobile company Dialog. According to Axiata, the scheme will be launched in the second quarter of this year from Sri Lanka, followed by Cellcom in Malaysia, XL in Indonesia, Robi in Bangladesh, Ncell in Nepal and Smart in Cambodia later this year.

In the second part of the implementation of the program, Axiata’s telecom companies will help various business organizations to develop their infrastructure and digitally use Google Cloud, store and increase networking capabilities.

As Asia is home to thousands of small and medium enterprises, it has the potential to grow rapidly in the world, the Axiata said in a statement.
‘Axiata and Google have partnered to digitize the cloud business and enhance long-distance travel capabilities. In particular, digital transformation is needed to revive the economy, grow it and keep small and medium enterprises in this situation, ”said Axiata Enterprises CEO Dr. The statement quoted Gopi Kurup as saying.

Ruma Balasubramanian, Southeast Managing Director of Google Cloud, said cloud technology would be a “game changer” for small and home-based businesses to compete with large companies in the market. He said he was pleased to partner with Axiata to digitally transform thousands of businesses in the Asia region and address their digital problems.

Axiata operates six mobile companies in Asia with 157 million subscribers.


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