Students who have passed class 12 exams can participate in the 7-day workshop free of charge

Softwareica College of IT and Ecommerce is going to organize a week-long workshop to inform about information technology (IT) targeting students who have passed class 12 exams.


According to the college, the workshop will run from May 28 to June 3. Class 12th students are currently waiting for their annual exam results. Head of the college Pramod Paudel informed that a workshop is going to be organized targeting them.

Not only those who are studying IT but also those who have studied other subjects can participate in the workshop.

Paudel, the head of the college, says that even if he plans to study any subject at the undergraduate level, he will gain knowledge about IT by participating in this workshop.

The college believes that the workshop will be helpful not only for IT but also for working in any other field.
To participate students link (मा You have to click and register.

The college said that the workshop will support the students’ growing interest in information technology and to start a career in this field. This workshop will be free for students.

According to the college, training will be conducted on various topics related to information technology for seven days of the workshop. Students have to attend the workshop from 2:30 pm to 4 pm.

This college, which is under Nepal’s prestigious Softt group of companies, has been conducting various programs for students’ ability development and opportunity creation.

Like the same program, this time the college has organized this workshop for students to increase their capacity in information technology.

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