Subisu announces 150Mbps residential internet plan

There is no doubt that CG Net has revolutionized Nepal’s internet market with its low-cost 120Mbps plans. Then came DishHome with Rs. 233/month 25Mbps plan for its Lifestyle HD subscribers. And now, Subisu has announced a 150Mbps plan under the “Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal” offer. And yeah, you guessed it—this is the highest bandwidth residential internet plan available in Nepal right now.

Subisu 150Mbps Internet Overview:

This new plan from Subisu replaces CG Net’s 120Mbps plan as the highest bandwidth consumer-grade internet plan in the country. It comes bundled with a Clear TV subscription. Users have an option to connect up to 4 TVs under this plan.

Pricing and Availability

In terms of pricing, customers will have to pay for the set-top box and 5GHz Wi-Fi router. You can pay the package fee annually or bi-annually. However, the price of the router is waived completely if you opt for the yearly package.

Anyway, the annual and bi-annual packages will cost you NPR 28,318 and NPR 17,079, respectively. Below is the breakdown of the pricing:

Subisu 150Mbps Internet6 Months12 months
Recurring chargeNPR 13,540NPR 26,549
5GHz RouterNPR 1,327FREE
1x Set-top BoxNPR 2,212NPR 1,769
TotalNPR 17,079NPR 28,318
ExtraUp to 4 Clear TV Connections

Note: All the prices mentioned above are exclusive of 13% VAT.

How to book?

To note, the Subisu “Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal” 150Mbps plan is available for users inside the Kathmandu Valley only. You can book the plan from Subisu’s official website, or contact them via phone/email.

So what do you think of the latest offer from Subisu? Should ISPs focus on higher bandwidth plans, or should they bring lower bandwidth plans at a more affordable cost instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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