Tariff revision of Nepal Telecom’s roaming services used in India and Thailand

Nepal Telecom is going to significantly reduce the tariff rate of roaming services charged when using prepaid and postpaid mobile services of Nepal Telecom in India and Thailand.


On the occasion of ITU Day 2023, which is celebrated on May 17, the new fee rate has been established to be implemented from May 3.

Customers traveling to these two countries with prepaid and postpaid mobile phones of Nepal Telecom can use roaming services at much lower tariff rates than before.

According to the new rates, calling any number in India with a Nepal Telecom SIM in India will cost Rs. 7 will be charged only.

Similarly, even when picking up a call from any number in Nepal or any other country, per minute Rs. 7 will be charged, while SMS will cost Rs. It will take 7.

Currently calling any number in India costs Rs. 30, while picking up calls from other numbers Rs. 14 and SMS Rs. There is a provision to take 24.

Similarly, when calling a number in Thailand from Nepal Telecom’s prepaid and postpaid mobile phone in Thailand and calling a number in Nepal, Rs. It will cost only 50. Similarly, when picking up incoming calls, per minute Rs. 25 and per SMS Rs. It will take 10.

Currently calling any number costs Rs. 135 and picking up calls from other numbers Rs. There is an arrangement to charge 90. SMS Rs. It takes 34.

Similarly, running data is currently Rs. 40 charges will now cost only 0.49 paisa per 100 KB. According to this, per MB approximately Rs. It will take only 5.

International roaming service is the facility to use Nepal Telecom’s mobile number even when traveling/staying in other countries. After taking this facility, you can use Nepal Telecom’s mobile number (SIM) to make calls, use the Internet, and exchange SMS even when you are abroad.

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