Teacher arrested for character assassination of his own student's head in nude photo

Kathmandu. Nepal Police has arrested a teacher on the charge of character assassination of his own student. A 24-year-old teacher from Bhaktapur district was arrested by the Cyber ​​Bureau of Nepal Police on 24 Baisakh.

Police have not released the identity of the teacher. Police said that he is a private school teacher. He was arrested based on the application received from the minor's parents.

He misused the photos posted by the minor on the social network Facebook. The minor had opened a Facebook account for online study purposes. Where she also posted her pictures. The arrested teacher created a fake Facebook account using the same picture. Not only that, he also committed character assassination by putting faces of minors in obscene pictures, writing content containing obscene activities.

According to Bureau Superintendent of Police Deepak Raj Awasthi, he has now been charged with an offense under the Electronic Transactions Act, 2063. Besides, the court has extended the deadline of five days and is conducting necessary further investigation on him.

Last updated: Baisakh 26, 2081 17:55


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