Telecom has paid 20 billion for license renewal, now they will get a new license tomorrow

Kathmandu. The government-owned telecommunication company Nepal Telecom has handed over 20 billion rupees to the regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority for the renewal of GSM cellular mobile service license. On Tuesday, the company deposited 19 billion 811 million rupees in the account, informed Santosh Paudel, spokesperson of the authority.

In 2076, the company had paid only 189 million rupees out of 20 billion due for the third renewal for five years i.e. till Baisakh 2081. The remaining amount was deposited by the company on Tuesday.

Despite submitting the third renewal fee, the 25-year license of Nepal Telecom will expire tomorrow, i.e. 28 Baisakh 2081. Paudel, the authority's spokesperson, said that a new license will be issued in the name of the company with effect from 29 May.

Also, the regulator had already requested the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for a policy decision saying that there is no legal clarity on the issue of granting a new license or renewing the old license and how much will be the fee. But Paudel said that he does not know whether there has been any decision from the ministry in this regard so far.

“I don't know what decision will come from the ministry,” he said in a conversation with Tekpana, “According to the Telecommunications Act 2053, a new license will be issued in the name of the company after 25 years.” According to the authority, Telecom has already applied for a new license.

Since the regulator is in favor of issuing a new license, it has been estimated that the fee issue has also been resolved. If this happens, Telecom will get a big relief from having to pay 20 billion rupees for five years for renewal and can get a license for 21 million rupees to be renewed after 10 years. Even after 10 years, the issue of how much the renewal fee will be every five to five years has not yet been determined.

But spokesperson Poudel said that the matter of the fee to be applied when issuing a new license has not yet been decided. On the coming 15th of August, the license of GSM cellular mobile service of private mobile service provider company Ncell will be completed for 20 years. For the next five years, the company will also have to pay 20 billion rupees for the third renewal immediately.

But since 80 percent is foreign investment, Ncell will come under the ownership of the Nepal government on 15 August 2081 when the 25-year license expires. After five years of the company Condition of transfer of property to GovtThe Council of Ministers has already taken the necessary decision to renew the

This means that in 2086, Ncell will come under government ownership, and according to the Telecommunications Act, Ncell's investors will be given the option to take over after evaluating it. If the current investors of Ncell are not ready to pay the equivalent amount to the government, then the company will be put up for sale on the basis of auction promotion.

In both cases, a new license will be issued to Ncell if it is obtained by the current investor of Ncell or purchased by a new investor through Bolakbol. According to the existing law, it can be estimated that a new license of Ncell will be issued for 21 crores in 2086 for the first 10 years.

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