Telecom interaction program completed in Madhesh province

In Janakpurdham and Simra of Madhesh Province, Nepal Telecom’s service related information and interaction program has been completed. The program was completed in Janakpurdham last Friday and Simra on Saturday.


On that occasion, various issues were discussed with representatives of associations, provinces and local bodies related to Nepal Telecom’s services in Madhes province.

Speaking as the chief guest of the program, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma asked for necessary cooperation with public representatives to provide effective and quality telecommunication services in the province. For this, she gave instructions to make necessary plans and minimize the digital divide.

She said that the government is working with a plan to make at least two districts of each province full telecommunication districts and gradually all the districts will be made full telecommunications.

Minister of Tourism of Madhesh Province, Sunita Yadav, said that there is a belief among the people that the government agencies should provide services to all areas and for this, services should be provided quickly and efficiently.

Baburam Bhandari, joint secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and acting chairman of the company’s board of directors, expressed his gratitude for the suggestions and guidance, saying that he had received important suggestions on how to make Nepal Telecom and where to take it.

Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Purushottam Khanal said that everyone has the right to enjoy telecommunication services and for this the authority has the role of coordination and said that the role of people’s representatives will be to coordinate the construction of towers and other structures in highways and places in Madhesh province.

Nepal Telecom Managing Director Sunil Paudel said that the company will prepare and effectively implement necessary strategies and programs to develop maintenance work as a special service in this financial year 2080.81 to provide reliable and quality service.

He informed that the company is providing GSM technology services from a total of more than 550 locations in Madhesh province and is distributing FTTH from more than 30 locations. He asked for the necessary cooperation to increase the number of users of the company in proportion to the population in Madhesh province.

Amul Pradhan, Director of Nepal Telecom, Regional Directorate of Madhesh Province, gave information about the services provided by the company in that province and the upcoming plans. Stating that the work is being done with the goal of solving all customer complaints at the state level in the future, he expressed his commitment to make the customer service center more efficient and provide more quality service in the future.

Arjun Ghimire, director of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, said that it is the responsibility of the company to provide quality telecommunication services used by common consumers, and for this, the Authority will always help as a regulator.

On that occasion, about the various services provided by the company, Deputy Manager Nawal Chaudhary and B.E. Bunty Shrestha, deputy manager Samir Bahadur Shrestha about the roaming service that can be used abroad and the deputy manager Niranjan Ghimire about the service situation of Nepal Telecom in Madhesh province.

On the occasion of the interaction, the people’s representatives expressed their opinion about the service of Nepal Telecom and presented their experience about making it effective.

Sunil Poudel, Chief Commercial Officer, Sangeeta Pahadi, Chief Operating Officer, Jhawindralal Upadhyay, Director of Wireless Services Directorate, Minu Pradhan, etc. clarified the various queries raised by the people’s representatives.

The program was attended by former ministers Krishna Kumar Shrestha and Jwalakumari Sah, union and state MPs, heads of local bodies and personalities from other fields.

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