Telecom says: mobile sets are limited for 5G testing, business says: sets are enough


Confusion has been created as to when the public will be able to use the 5G test that Nepal Telecom started on January 22.


On the occasion of the 19th anniversary, Telecom started testing with 5G devices placed in the offices of Telecom in Babarmahal and Sundhara.

In the internal test, only telecom employees are running 5G. Even though it has been almost 2 months since the internal test started, Telecom itself is not clear about when to allow the public to use 5G.

The telecom explained that the delay was due to the limitation of 5G mobile phones. Shobhan Adhikari, the spokesperson of Nepal Telecom, said that due to the limitations of mobile devices, it appeared more robust in the test.

But on the other hand, mobile businessmen have claimed that 5G mobile sets are available in sufficient quantity in Nepal. Sanjay Aggarwal, vice president of Nepal Mobile Distributors Association, said that there are enough mobile sets available in the market for 5G testing.

90% of the phones produced now have 5G support. Phones supporting 5G are coming in Nepal as well,’ he told ICITY News, ‘There is no shortage of 5G sets in the market as Telecom said.’

Most of the new phones imported in Nepal have 5G support facility. 5G facility is available in all sets above 25,000 to 30,000.

Telecom says that there is a problem with the 5G phones that have been sold. “Even in the famous sets that came to the Nepali market, there was a problem of not testing 5G by itself,” says the spokesperson.

Most of the mobile phones do not support 2600 MHz, according to Telecom. Agarwal says that if the service provider opens the 5G service to the general public, they are ready to line up and get 5G phones.

“If Telecom provides 5G service, we also prefer 5G set,” he said, “5G set is more expensive than 4G. If there is no 5G in Nepal, they only bought expensive handsets.’

It is said that mobile phones were the main reason for the delay in the 5G test, but it was stopped after the US showed interest because of Huawei’s technology.

The government has allowed the telecom to test 5G under the 2600 MHz band. Telecom will be able to use the frequency free of charge for one year.


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