Telecom trade union workers spent a month in the movement, the solution is not final

Telecom trade union workers spent a month in the movement, the solution is not final

The agitation has been going on for more than a month in Nepal Telecom, the country’s leading government telecommunication company.

Although the trade union workers have been agitating for a long time in the urgent sector like telco demanding amendment of the staff regulations, the problem has not been resolved yet.

Even though the agitation has been going on for 35 days, no positive initiative has been taken for its solution. On the one hand, the trade union workers are warning of nationwide agitation if they do not do what they want, while on the other hand, Baikuntha Aryal, who was appointed as the secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology only a few days ago, has said that the problem will be solved in a few days.

Aryal, who was appointed as the secretary of the ministry on July 9, said that talks and discussions are underway to find a solution in a few days. “Talks and discussions are being held with them,” Aryal said.

Chairman of the Nepal Telecom National Employees’ Union, Yadav Paneru, said that informal discussions were being held after the arrival of the new secretary. “There have been no formal talks,” Paneru said. Our words have kept them. ‘

Paneru said that they are waiting for talks till Tuesday as there is a government holiday till Monday and if there is no initiative for talks, they are preparing to launch a nationwide agitation.

They started the trade union movement on July 20, saying that they had passed the amended workers’ regulations without fulfilling their demands. The minister has not been appointed yet after the change of government when the trade union started the agitation.

After that, it took some time for the new secretary to come after the previous secretary also retired. The telecom management had been saying that the management alone could not do the matter of amending the regulations as there was no minister in the ministry and no secretary to be the chairman of the steering committee.

The demand of the trade union is that the Employees Regulations 2061, which was amended by the Board of Directors on July 20, should be amended again.

In the amended regulations, the trade union rights up to 9 levels have been reduced to 7 levels, while the provision of automatic retirement of ten level employees after 8 years and 11 level employees after five years has been removed.

Trade unions have demanded that the regulations be reinstated. The regulations that came with amendments from the public service were passed by the board of directors with the verbal consent of the trade union.

According to the trade union employees, it has been agreed to pass the regulations from the public service now and send them back to the Public Service Commission for consultation the next day.

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