Telecom’s free voice service for more than 15,000 health workers, have you missed it?

Telecom’s free voice service for more than 15,000 health workers, have you missed it?

‘If we need to help someone now, we need to help the health sector’

The free voice call service provided by Nepal Telecom to the health workers employed in the treatment of corona infections has become very popular.

The number of one-month free voice call services provided by the telco to the health workers including doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are most employed in corona infection has exceeded 15,000.

The number of health workers participating in the scheme is encouraging, said Dilli Adhikari, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom.

“As of two days ago, more than 15,000 health workers were involved,” the official said. The number of connections has increased rapidly.

Nepal Telecom has made the ‘Thank You Health Worker’ offer available on both Telecom’s postpaid and prepaid SIMs. After joining this offer, you can use your mobile number for one month to provide free service at any time within the network of Nepal Telecom.

“If we have to help anyone now, we have to help the manpower in the health sector,” said the managing director. They are the front line soldiers. ‘

“If we have to help anyone now, we have to help the manpower in the health sector,” said the managing director. “Unless the manpower in the health sector is motivated, this epidemic cannot be fought.” They are the front line soldiers. ‘

Stating that everyone should help the health workers from their place, Telecom also said that it has helped them in terms of corporate companies.

Nurses, doctors or health workers working in the health sector have to contact a lot at this time. Many health workers have to use many phones for patient counseling.

It is possible to give counseling in contact rather than finding the disease. “They have been receiving a lot of inquiries at the moment,” the official said. “We have received a lot of relief from the free voice call facility.”

Mobile has become a means of reducing risk and treating patients by advising the general public. He said that the service was provided with the objective of making mobile service reliable and effective in health treatment.

“It’s an incentive for health workers to feel like they’ve given us something to do with this service,” the official said.

Telecom is collaborating with health institutions including Nepal Medical Council and Nursing Council to provide this service. Based on their recommendations, health workers can get free voice call service.

This offer can be availed after the health related councils have provided the official letter with the list of health workers and mobile number to Nepal Telecom in their letterhead.

Health workers who do not have a Telecom SIM card in their name will have to provide the new SIM card to Nepal Telecom by mentioning the name and details of the health worker in the official letter pad of the concerned council.

In addition, the form to be filled for the new SIM on the basis of the identity card of the concerned council of health workers can be filled up as per the rules and the free SIM can be obtained immediately from the nearest counter of Nepal Telecom.

The Nepal Medical Council has set up a website. By filling that form, the council makes it available to Nepal Telecom. Only then will Nepal Telecom provide the service.

This is how health workers take advantage of this

Telecom has informed that this offer will be made available only to the health workers in their own name. You can find out the name of the Namaste SIM you are using by dialing * 922 #.

Health workers registered with the Nepal Health Practitioners Council click here You have to send your name, registration number, email, mobile number and other details.

Nurses registered with the Nepal Nursing Council click here You will have to fill in and send your details including name, email, registration number, mobile number.

Similarly, pharmacists registered with the Nepal Pharmacy Council click here You will have to fill in your name, citizenship number, registration number, photo, address, phone number and other details.

Doctors registered with the Nepal Medical Council to avail this facility click here You have to fill in the details including your name, NMC number and mobile number.

After that, the concerned councils will provide a free voice call to Nepal Telecom for one month after providing the letter with the mobile number of the health worker in their letterhead.


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