Telecom’s unlimited data and 100 minutes of on-net voice for a day at Rs 49

Nepal Telecom has provided a new offer for customers on the occasion of New Year 2080. On this occasion, the company has announced that it will provide voice, data and bonus on recharge packages.


The company has said that it will provide 1 Mbps unlimited data for 1 day for Rs.49 and 100 minutes of on-net voice service that can be called within Nepal Telecom’s network.

Similarly, under the data package Rs. 98 for 3 days of 6GB data, Rs. 13 GB data for 7 days in 1999, Rs. 294 for 10 days with 20GB data and Rs. 399 will be available with a 30GB data package that can be used for 15 days.

Similarly, the company said that data package will be provided as a bonus on recharge even when recharging through MPOS and physical recharge.

According to this Rs. 200 to Rs.499 recharge will provide 2 GB data which can be used at the rate of 1 GB per day for 2 days.

Similarly Rs. 500 and above, 8 GB data will be available for 4 days at the rate of 2 GB per day.

Spokesperson Shobhan Adhikari informed that the offer provided by Nepal Telecom will be applicable from Thursday till 6th Baisakh 2080 when prepaid and postpaid mobile customers purchase packages.

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