Tesla produced, sold and shipped the most vehicles in the second quarter

Tesla produced, sold and shipped the most vehicles in the second quarter

Tesla CEO Alan Musk on Monday announced Tesla’s Q2 2021 investor income program. At the event, Musk said it had built, sold and shipped the most Tesla vehicles this quarter. Sales for the quarter were up 151 percent from a year earlier. Similarly, the company has manufactured 200,000 vehicles in this quarter.

Tesla earned ८ 438 million worth of shares in the second quarter. Tesla’s net income is १ 1.1 billion. The company’s revenue has increased by 98 percent compared to last year. Despite Covid’s time, it has made no difference to Tesla’s sales.

Tesla also unveiled 85 megawatts of solar power in the second quarter and added 1,000 supercharging stations. The company said the data showed that electric vehicles have taken over the fuel vehicle market. Musk seemed optimistic about the future of the electric car. Recently, Tesla’s supercharger is now available for other electric vehicles as well.

Tesla CEO Alan Musk said he would open his supercharger to other electric vehicles from this year. It will be available to other companies by the end of 2021. Musk has been trying for a long time to make this possible.


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