The Android app can now be run on Windows 11

The Android app can now be run on Windows 11

Android apps can now be run on Windows 11. The company has unveiled the new Windows 11 OS at its ‘WhatsApp Next for Windows Event’ organized by Microsoft yesterday.

Many new and attractive features have been added to it. Since Windows 11 now runs Android apps, it has also been integrated with the Start menu.

This feature is brought by Microsoft in collaboration with Amazon and Intel. It will come with its own icon in the taskbar. Android apps will also launch with desktop shortcuts.

These apps will be available in the Microsoft Store, but users will also be able to download them from the Amazon App Store.

Microsoft has used Intel Bridge technology to make this feature possible. Because of this, the process of integrating the Android app is still ‘seamless and smooth’, the company said.

The company has said that Android apps will also run on AMD system. Due to the Android app, there is going to be a better OS for mobile.

There are currently unofficial versions of this OS available, but being a stable version can damage the device. The beta version of Windows 11 OS will be available next week.


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