The Arrival Destination of Indra Jatra’s Chariot: Now Verifiable with Street Maps

The Indra Jatra festival is commencing in Kathmandu Valley from Tuesday. It is a significant festival in Kathmandu Valley. Every year during Indrajatra, people often inquire about the arrival of the chariot, where Pulukisi is dancing, and the whereabouts of Lakhe and Seva Bhaku.


These questions can now be answered through street maps. Live location information about the chariot’s arrival, Pulukisi’s whereabouts, Lakhe’s location, and Seva Bhaku’s whereabouts can be obtained from street maps.

Galli Maps has also updated their map to include this feature. Sunita Dangol, the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, announced this new facility. Raj Vikram Maharjan, the co-founder and CEO of Galli Maps, stated that this facility was introduced to connect heritage with technology.

The live location feature will make use of GPS. By looking at the live location, you can also determine the time it takes to reach Rath, Pulukisi, Lakhe, and Seva Bhaku.

The Galli Maps app is available for Android and iOS. Maharjan mentioned that the live location feature is currently not available in the app, but it will be added by Tuesday. Galli Maps is Nepal’s own mapping platform.

It offers 360-degree mapping, house numbering, routing, and other features. The map of Kathmandu Valley in Galli Maps is captured using a drone, making it clearer compared to other map platforms.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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