The Big Game Cannabis-Infused Recipe Party Ideas

As the biggest game day in football approaches on February 12, many people are beginning their planning for this year’s festivities. While last year’s event took place in Florida, the state’s medical cannabis patients may have been focused on football for quite another reason—the league’s slowly shifting cannabis policy. As we reported in 2021the NFL continues to penalize players for testing positive for THC, even if the use took place in a legal recreational state.

In addition, the league also prohibits cannabis for medical use. Unfortunately, the NFL’s policy on medicinal cannabis does not appear to take into account recent science, which demonstrate that cannabis may help athletes recover, provide pain relief, and combat inflammation without providing an unfair competitive advantage.

Incorporate Cannabis into Your Game Day Festivities

Still, there is a way for Floridian cannabis patients to incorporate medical cannabis into this year’s game day festivities—simply create a cannabis-infused drink and enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. In fact, cannabis-infused drinks and dishes can provide a unique twist on traditional game day snacks and also offer an effective way to manage a variety of symptoms and conditions.

If this sounds like a football party that’s right up your alley, you’re in luck—we’ve rounded up some tasty game day snacks with a boost of cannabis benefits. Just a note—when it comes to creating cannabis-infused recipes for a party, it’s important to remember that the state only supports cannabis use for official medical cannabis patients with approved conditions. That means any cannabis-infused snacks you prepare should be reserved for your consumption only. That said, let’s explore some of our favorite canna-friendly game day snacks!

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