The criteria was made against the law to make any person the chairman of the Telecommunication Authority: MP Giri

Kathmandu. CPN-UML Chief Whip and Member of Parliament Padam Giri has alleged that the process of appointing the chairman of the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority is against the law. Speaking in the Federal Parliament on Wednesday, he accused the government of creating eligibility criteria against the law to appoint the person he wanted.

Pointing out that good governance has become weak in the country, MP Giri said that the eligibility criteria for the appointment of the chairman of the Telecommunication Authority have been made beyond the law. “The standards have been made to suit the person they want to bring. And how can this government be expected to provide good governance?”

A few days ago, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology published a seven-day notice for the Chairman of the Authority and asked for applications. In which the criteria has been made that 10 years must have worked in gazetted first class, tenth level or similar positions. But in the private sector, the qualification has been set so that even if you have worked in any position for ten years.

Based on the 25 applications received, the recommendation committee led by the Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is preparing a shortlist.

MP Giri also alleged that the current government is only doing stunt work in the matter of corruption. “The issue of Terramox has been coming up for some time now,” he said, “when Akhtiar calls for a statement, people who are and have been ministers are asking to know. In that case, how can we expect good governance from this government?”

Mentioning that it is clear who the government is trying to protect, he also expressed doubt that the report of the committee formed to investigate the purchase and sale of Ncell shares will be implemented.

“The investigation committee led by Tankamani Sharma has said that there is corruption in the process of buying shares of Ncell. There are many other facts in it,” he further said, “What will the government do now in this procurement process? Do you have the courage to implement the report or not? Or has the investigation committee been formed only to put a thorn in the eyes of the people?”

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