The dean-led committee investigating the hacking of the university's website by a 16-year-old boy

Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University (Trivi) has formed a committee to investigate the hacking of the website of the Examination Control Office (Panika). A three-member investigation committee has been formed under the coordination of Dr. Sashidhar Ram Joshi, Dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies (IOE).

The committee formed last Friday has got 15 days time for the study, said Dr. Joshi, coordinator and dean of the committee. According to him, the meeting of the committee has not been held yet.

He says that he will hold a meeting and start work within a few days. The committee has been given the responsibility of submitting a report including the reasons for the website being hacked, the measures to prevent it from being hacked and the challenges to be faced.

From last Monday (15th January), Trivi started to stream all the works of Panika online. Under that, students can do transcripts, provisional certificates, revisions, copies, certificates and certificate corrections online, Panika said.

But there was a problem of not verifying the student's account to get online services. Soon after that, on Tuesday evening, the website was taken over by a student studying in class 12. June Website Even after a week, it still hasn't become regular. Students and service users have been affected due to the non-operation of the website.

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