The finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League will be held from today

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPA) South Asia Championship Spring 2023 Finals will begin today. According to the organizers, the finals of PMPL South Asia Championship will be held from Thursday to Sunday from June 11 to 14.


The game will start at 5:45 pm according to Nepali time. You can watch the live broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks.

Earlier, due to internet problems in Pakistan, the tournament could not be held at the previously announced time. The final was scheduled to be held from 28th Bainshak and due to the tension in Pakistan, there was a problem with the internet.

As the game will be played through internet only, the tournament was not organized on the pre-announced date to provide equal opportunity to all the contestants. The competition is about to start as the internet problem has been solved in Pakistan.

Teams from Nepal, Pakistan and Mongolia are competing in the competition with a total prize money of 150,000 US dollars. 5 and 5 teams from Nepal and Mongolia and 6 teams from Pakistan will compete for the title.

In the league stage of PMPL South Asia Championship Spring 2023, the top 16 teams are going to compete in the finals. A total of 20 teams competed in the league stage. From the league stage, the two teams of Nepal and Pakistan were deprived of making a trip to the finals.

The winner will receive USD 26,000 and qualify for the PUBG Mobile World League Invitational. The teams participating in the competition will receive prize money based on the points table.

The winner of the league stage was Mongolia’s stalwart eSports.

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