The ‘Foreign Employment’ mobile app is now also available on the iPhone

The ‘Foreign Employment’ mobile app is now also available on the iPhone

The ‘Foreign Employment’ mobile app, which is designed to cover various aspects of foreign employment, is now available on the iPhone as well.

The ‘Foreign Employment’ app, designed to provide information to workers going for employment in foreign lands, is also available on iOS.

The app, operated by Shaja Sabal Media, was previously only available on Android phones. Media Director Anil Adhikari informed that the app, which was launched targeting millions of Nepalis, manpower entrepreneurs and people interested in foreign employment, will now be available on iPhone as well.

Launched on June 3, 2075 on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Saja Sabal Media, the mobile app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times on Android phones.

This app is now available to iPhone users by going to the App Store and searching for Baideshik Rojgar click here Can be downloaded and used.

The app’s managing officer said that the app will play an important role in selecting advertisements for foreign employment, informing whether the advertisement is official or not, knowing the details of the manpower and getting information about the entire manpower.

The official said that the app has features that allow you to easily select the demand of the country you like, demand, salary, position and demand according to the company and contact the manpower company directly.

To download the foreign employment app on Android phone, go directly to the Play Store and search for Baideshik Rojgar. Also, the new feature added to the app allows those who want to go for foreign employment to go directly to the manpower company with the help of Google Map.

Similarly, the app also has the facility to see which countries are in demand for which posts, to rate and review the manpower licensed by foreign companies and the Government of Nepal.

The app has the facility to easily find out the contact numbers of various agencies including information about the pattern of application by Nepalis who are facing problems abroad under foreign employment, training courses issued by the Foreign Employment Board, information about foreign employment related act / law.

The app provides contact information on licensed manpower, embassies, orientation institutes, medical institutes and training providers under foreign employment. Similarly, country information, geographical and legal system of different countries are available in the app.

Similarly, the demands under foreign employment have not been pre-approved, labor approval has also been provided through the app.

As an upcoming feature, the app users will be able to create their own biodata in the app as well as download and print it directly from next August. The official said.

In addition, a dozen Nepali radio listening features are also available in the app so that those who have gone for foreign employment can stay connected with Nepal’s information.


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