The government is bringing the budget today, which will include important programs in the information technology sector

The budget for the upcoming financial year 2080-81 is being announced today at 4 pm.


Earlier, the government’s policies and programs presented by President Ramchandra Paudel were passed by both the Houses and the government is going to bring the budget today.

Finance Minister Prakasharan Mahat will present the budget in the joint meeting of the National Assembly and the House of Representatives that will be held this afternoon.

There is a binding constitutional provision to bring the budget on the 15th of May.

The budget for the next financial year will not exceed the budget of the current financial year. Earlier, the government had introduced the policy and program on May 5. The policy and program was passed last Saturday.

It is customary for the Prime Minister, members of the Council of Ministers, Vice-Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Governor and others to participate in the program of announcing the budget.

It is said that the development infrastructure related to information technology sector will be given an important place in the budget. Similarly, the goal is to allocate the budget to work more smartly in various dimensions of banks, markets and science and technology.

It is understood that the budget has been allocated to the Innovation Center in consideration of the demand of Mahavir Pun, the founder of Nepali Science and National Innovation Center. The government is preparing to further modify the framework of Digital Nepal and allocate the budget.

Similarly, in the education sector, the government is preparing to further strengthen the concept of smart schools and smart schools, and it is said that more budget will be allocated for e-learning in universities. Also, it is understood that the government will mention in the upcoming budget that the amount of Granim Telecommunication Fund will be disbursed through the budget to invest in smart schools.

It is said that it will be mentioned in the budget that funds will be allocated to the local levels of the government, states and associations to start a digitalization campaign to make it smarter and simpler.

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