The government will agree in writing with Mahavir Pun today: Prime Minister Prachanda

Chitwan. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that the government will sign a written agreement with Mahavir Pun, the founder of National Innovation Center today.


Speaking to reporters in Chitwan, Prime Minister Prachanda said that the government would agree to address the demand in a written discussion with Mahaveer the day before sitting in Maitighar Mandla.

Talking to journalists in Chitwan, Prime Minister Prachanda said, ‘Mahavir came to me in Waluwatar the day before staying at Maitighar Mandala. It was a good conversation. He gave 4 point demands and demanded that one percent of GDP should be allocated for innovation and innovation. But agreed to one percent of the development budget.’

Prachanda narrated that when the demand was agreed to be addressed in the budget, Mahaviral laughed and said, ‘I am living in Maitighar Mandla.

‘I think I will live in the in-laws house,’ he said casually. I can’t tell you to stay, I said, if you stay, it will help me,’ Prachanda said, ‘Approximately when I understood, I understood that I was in consultation with the government.’

He also said that it would be easy for the government to allocate the budget according to Mahavir’s demand. He says that it is false to say that the government did not care because it was already ready to address Mahavir’s demands.

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