The hacked Trivi website will be live from tomorrow

Kathmandu. The website of the Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office, which was hacked on Tuesday evening, will be operational from Friday. Controller of Examinations Pushparaj Joshi informed that after the hacking, the work of repairing the website is going on and the work is being done to make it operational from Friday morning.

“Now the website maintenance work is going on,” Joshi told Tekpana, “everything will be completed by evening (Thursday). The website will be re-opened tomorrow through a public notice.

Admitting that there is not enough investment for the security of the website, he claimed that now the online system will be operated systematically. It was a sharing server for websites. We were planning to make a separate server from May. It has to be done from now on,” he said.

He also said that they are very careful about this incident. There was no regular security audit of the website. Now we will work towards that too,” he said.

He also said that the University and the Cyber ​​Bureau are conducting necessary investigations on those involved in the website hacking incident.

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