The import of electric vehicles through the Bhairahawa route has increased

The import of electric vehicles entering Nepal through Bhairahawa customs point has increased. Gorkhapatra Dainik has written the news that imports have increased due to the increasing interest in electric vehicles in recent times.


Due to the health effects of air pollution caused by petrol and diesel vehicles, the demand for electric vehicles has also increased in Nepal.

Until March of the current financial year, 1,755 electric jeeps, cars and vans have entered through Bhairahawa Customs Office. From which a revenue of one billion 41 crore 21 lakh 91 thousand rupees has been raised.

In the first month of the current financial year, 211 electric vehicles were imported across Nepal, from which the government collected 21 crores in revenue in the first month.

The Bhairahawa Customs Office informed that the electric jeeps, cars and vans imported through the Bhairahawa customs in the last nine months are three times more than the imports of the last financial year.

Till March 2078 and 79, 514 electric vehicles were imported through Bhairahawa Customs Office.

Information Officer of Bhairahawa Customs Office, Upendra Lamichhane, informed that 383.365 million revenue was collected last year from electric vehicles worth 1.28 billion 64 million 44 thousand. Birganj and Bhairahawa are the customs points where many vehicles enter Nepal.

‘New vehicles are kept in customs. Even now, many vehicles have arrived, including electric vehicles,’ said Lamichhane.

According to him, 60 percent of the vehicles consumed in Nepal usually come from Birganj, 30 percent from Bhairahawa and 10 percent from other ports.

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