The Investment Board’s website is in a bad state ahead of the investment conference

The Investment Board’s website is in a bad state ahead of the investment conference. The investment climate in Nepal has been gaining momentum in recent years, with new opportunities emerging across various sectors. However, the lack of a reliable and user-friendly platform for investment-related information is becoming a major hurdle for investors interested in exploring the Nepalese market.


One such platform that has been particularly problematic is the Investment Board’s website. As the primary government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating investment in Nepal, the Investment Board’s website is a critical resource for both domestic and foreign investors. However, the website’s poor state, particularly ahead of the upcoming investment conference, is a cause for concern.


Many investors have reported difficulty accessing key information, such as investment policies, procedures, and guidelines. The website’s navigation is confusing, and the user experience is frustrating. The lack of updated information and the absence of a comprehensive investor database are additional issues that have hampered the website’s effectiveness.


These challenges have not gone unnoticed by the Investment Board, which has acknowledged the need for urgent action to revamp the website. The Board’s spokesperson has stated that they are working on a new website that will be more user-friendly and informative.


Investors are hopeful that the Investment Board’s efforts to update its website will bear fruit. It is critical for Nepal to have a reliable and informative platform for investment-related information. Without such a platform, Nepal risks losing out on potential investments that could boost its economic growth and development.


Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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