The joy of mobile service in the poor village of Badigad

There are 6 Tunibot villages surrounded by high mountains and gorges, and the residents of this settlement, which is located on the banks of the river Bhimgithe, were facing problems due to lack of mobile service.


The locals are now happy after Nepal Telecom built a tower on the hill above the village and resumed Namaste mobile service.

After the operation of the mobile service, around 250 households in Badigad Rural Municipality Ward No. 7 Bhimgithe along with Tunibot, Amile, Jaibane, Intreni, Chhepare, Okhreni, Padambhir and Ward No. 8 Dobhan border area have directly benefited.

No mobile service was available in the village, which is located 82 km west-north from the headquarters Baglung Bazar.

Outgoing ward president of Badigad Rural Municipality Ward No. 7 Krishna Gurung said that the citizens of Badigad rural municipality have been suffering in terms of information and communication due to lack of mobile service.

Keshav Sharma, chief and senior engineer of Nepal Telecom Baglung, informed that after the tower was operated by local small hydropower, now GSM mobile service 2G and third generation mobile service 3G are being operated simultaneously.

According to Office Head Sharma, the mobile users were able to use voice and data after the service was resumed. Sharma said that the fourth generation mobile 4G service will be provided through the tower in the near future.

Bimal Paija, a local, informed that the compulsion of the locals to reach the neighboring village and Bhimgithe market to call first has come to an end. Locals helped in the construction of the tower, the equipment to reach the tower.

Gandaki Thapa, Chairman of Badigad Rural Municipality, said that the rural municipality has coordinated and facilitated the necessary coordination and facilitation to operate the mobile service in Tunibot.

Village Chairman Thapa said that mobile and high-speed internet services have made daily life easier for the citizens of remote Tunibot and the surrounding areas. He also mentioned that there will be necessary coordination with Telecom to provide quality communication services in all the wards of the rural municipality.

Dipendra Pratap KC, Ward President of Badigad Rural Municipality, Ward No. 7, said that the residents of the ward were happy to be able to talk on mobile and use the Internet for the first time.

Nepal Telecom has announced that it has operated 2G and 3G services through a radio link from a tower located in Darling Naya village, Ward No. 9, Badigad Rural Municipality.

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