The new woman who came to the clubhouse icon, met her boyfriend in the clubhouse

The new woman who came to the clubhouse icon, met her boyfriend in the clubhouse

The clubhouse changes its icon every now and then. Only today he has added a new person to his icon. He is the ninth person to appear in this icon.

Dandra Pagu, a Brazilian engineer and creator of ‘Afro Content’, has been selected as the ninth place by Club House.

She was born in Recife, Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil. Her story makes many Brazilians feel at home because she too spent her childhood in the midst of poverty and violence.

Her personality, positive thinking and good deeds have inspired her today. He also has the ability to keep his audience hooked in the clubhouse, introducing him, the clubhouse said.

She has gained fame since she started discussing economics and caste in the app. This theme has been able to connect many people around the world. Due to the sweetness of Pagu’s speech and good wise words, not everyone wants to leave his room once the session is over.
As a black woman, she also discusses her basic rights with other citizens. He had 12 siblings. Four of them have already died. She also said that she was physically abused in her youth.

She says that with the help of various therapies, she has been able to get rid of her mental anguish. Pagu also conducts her sessions on racial discrimination. She also runs anti-racism campaigns.

She also said that she met her boyfriend through Clubhouse Kai. One day, she left the room where she was playing. But one person remained and listened.

Then Pagu sent a message saying, “How annoying it was.” His house was also nearby. Gradually they started liking each other. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. She says the platform is great for her.


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