The number of people using embossed number plates in private vehicles is increasing

The number of people using embossed number plates in private vehicles is increasing

The number of vehicles carrying embossed number plates of four-wheeled private vehicles at the Vehicle Fitness Center in Teku has started increasing.

The Center has stated that it is coming to get embossed number plates for 40 to 50 vehicles daily this week as soon as the ban is lifted.

So far, the number of vehicles with embossed number plates has reached 6,000, said Maniram Bhushal, head of the center.

According to him, rich people are coming to get number plates in both new and old vehicles. Even though it is being distributed from the center, its management is being done by the Department of Transport Management. He said that the number of people getting embossed on the newly registered vehicles without red is increasing.

He said, “The government can make it mandatory on all vehicles, so they have started taking new ones directly embossed.” The department has sent separate manpower for the distribution of embossed number plates at the center.

Although one overseer is from the center, the remaining six have been sent by the staff department. There are two mechanical engineers, two commuters, two biometrics and one store employee. Chief Bhushal said that the number of mechanical engineers has been reduced to four.

At present, two employees are trying to do it. He said that when one person is on leave, problems are added. At present, the center can distribute up to 50 number plates daily on the basis of manpower.

He said, “Now, with the arrival of four mechanical engineers, 90 vehicles can be given number plates in a day.” The government had decided a few years ago to introduce embossed number plates on all vehicles.

As there was a case in the court regarding the distribution of number plates, it could not be taken forward for a few years. Number plate distribution has been started since July last year.

It was jointly launched by Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Basant Kumar Nemwang and Minister for Physical Infrastructure Rameshwor Phuyal of Bagmati Pradesh.

The Department of Transportation had decided last year to make it mandatory on all government vehicles. Not all government vehicles still have embossed number plates. The number of embossed vehicles is still low as the government has not yet made it mandatory.

The government has designated different offices to get embossed number plates for different types of vehicles.

Office of the department at Baneshwor for government vehicles, center at Teku for private four-wheelers, transport management office at Satungal for two-wheelers and transport office at Ekantakuna for public vehicles have been designated. रासस


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