The price of the electric vehicle Sustainable E8 has come down, this is the new price

The price of the electric vehicle Sustainable E8 has come down, this is the new price

The electric vehicle brand Digo has reduced the price of the Sustainable E8 electric hatchback car. The company has revised the price of cars it has in stock with a reduction in tariffs and excise duties on imports of electric vehicles.

As a result of this positive step taken by the government, the price of the vehicle in stock has been revised and it can be delivered immediately to the buyers of sustainable E8 cars, the company said. The company has stated that the new price has been set at Rs 2.194 million.

With the announcement of reduction in customs duty and excise duty on electric vehicles in the new budget, people are waiting for the new price of Sustainable E8 to be made public.

The Digo E8 is one of the most popular cars in this segment. Therefore, the news that the car will be available at a modified price will be very positive for the customers who are thinking of buying an electric car, the company said.

The company had imported the second lot before the budget after the first lot was sold. The company has decided to sell the vehicles it has in stock by reducing the price after the government reduced the tax on electric vehicles.

The benefits of electric vehicles are enormous in terms of environment, economy and energy dependence. Despite the significant increase in taxes and tariffs on the import of these electric vehicles last year, the price of the Sustainable E8 has not been kept high.

Diego Group has now announced that it will sell the vehicles in stock at a reduced price. Digo has stated that it is committed to provide the benefits of electric vehicles to the country even now and will continue to do so in the future.

What are the features of Dido E8?

The Sustainable E8 is a combination of modern design and state-of-the-art technology that contributes to reducing carbon emissions. The car is fitted with a 15.2 kWh lithium battery.

Its motor capacity is 15 kW. With a single charge, the car can run up to 150 kilometers (NEDC 200 kilometers) under normal operating conditions.

This car can be easily charged in five hours by connecting a simple home charging plug. The electricity cost of Sustainable E8 is Rs.


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