The problem of non-printing in 6 lakh smart cards brought for driving license

Kathmandu. A few days ago, there was a problem of non-printing of 600,000 cards brought to Nepal from Germany. While printing the card and sending it to the lab for testing, there is a problem that the print does not appear.

According to Uddhav Prasad Rizal, Director General of Transport Management Department, this problem has arisen because the print machine is not personalized according to the card. “We had to print the card before sending it to the lab for testing, but because it was not personalized, the card could not be printed,” he said. That's why it took time to personalize the machine according to the same card.”

Earlier, the department had prepared to send 100 printed cards and 50 blank cards to the lab. Rizal says that the new card has more security features than the old one. “It has three levels of security features,” he continued, “We have a card, we have a machine, it doesn't mean that there is no printing.” Accordingly, it took time to do the personalization. The process of personalization takes a little longer.”

He said that if the card can be printed from any machine, it will be considered a security weakness. Therefore, Rizal said that a security feature has been added so that this card cannot be printed from anywhere.

According to him, every 24 hours one key has to be inserted in the card printing machine. In which three keys should be kept. “After placing three keys, one aggregated key is formed. After being selected by Muehlbauer, a German company that prints aggregate key cards, Madras Security Printers (MSP) of India, which is running a license system, should send them. After the MSP keeps the key, it can be printed here,” he added.

After the machine personalization work is completed, the department plans to proceed with the process of printing cards from the provinces as well. Rizal said that if everything goes according to plan, the work of card printing will proceed effectively after 15 days.

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