The publisher of Attack on Titan will launch its own manga app


The publisher of Attack on Titan is going to release its own manga app. Kodansha, the publisher of Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell, will launch a new digital reading platform in May.


It is said that the app named K Manga will be released with a backlog of 400 titles. Along with this, the readers of this app will be able to access the new chapters of Kodansha’s popular series sooner than others.

The translations in this app are also said to be done officially by the app, so that manga readers don’t have to read versions translated by fans and don’t even have to go to any pirated websites.

Kodansha said that series like The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Nights of the Apocalypse, Don’t Toy With Me and Miss Nagataro can be read in this app.

Kodansha has also written manga like Sailor Moon, Akira and Battle Angel Akira. The K Manga app will be released on May 10.


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