The SIP Unit of NIMB has been pending for 3 months without a new chairman in the Securities Board!

Kathmandu. The customer has not been able to view the investment details of NIMB S Capital managed by Nepal Investment Mega Bank (NIMB) in the Systematic Investment Scheme (SIP) for three months. Due to non-appointment of chairman in Nepal Securities Board, the unit holders have not been able to see the units of open-ended collective investment scheme 'NIBL Participation Fund' in their demat accounts.

The government has not yet been able to appoint a new chairman to the Securities Board, which has been without a chairman since December 20. Meanwhile, NIBL ​​has increased the size of its NIBL ​​participation fund. But due to the lack of permission for the same, the unit holder has not been able to see the details of the SIP unit in the demat account. Now, when the unit holder looks at the demat account and NIBL ​​S Capital website, it appears that the SIP is pending.

“We applied to the board to increase the size of our plan to three billion. But because there is no president to sign for the permission, we are showing the units that have been purchased pending,” said an official of NIMBS Capital, “If the plan had not been enlarged, the problem would not have arisen.”

Similarly, an employee of the Securities Board also confirmed that NIMB S Capital has submitted an application. According to him, in the absence of a chairman, the increase in the size of the plan has yet to be approved. Although the client is worried that the unit is not visible in its portfolio, NIMBS Capital said that there is no problem.

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