The state itself is discriminatory, in the telecommunications sector, the government side is in favor, and the private side is sidelined

Kathmandu. It has been found that the government unfairly discriminates between private and government companies in the field of telecommunication services. While facilitating the government-owned telecommunication company Nepal Telecom in many matters, it has been seen that the private sector internet and telecommunication companies are facing problems.

According to Santosh Paudel, spokesperson of the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Telecom has yet to pay more than one billion rupees to the state for frequency fees. Although the frequency fee is yet to be submitted, it is said that the government has already decided to grant a new license to the company.

The 25-year license of Nepal Telecom is expiring on Friday i.e. today 28 Baisakh. In this case, it is said that a decision has been taken by the cabinet meeting to issue a new license to the company. Probably, it is expected that a new license will be issued today in the name of Nepal Telecom.

But in the case of private service providers, the regulator and the government of Nepal have shown alienation. The license of internet and network service providers like Mercantile, Worldlink, Subisu, Classic Tech has not been renewed due to arrears. When that arrears Whether to pay or not There is a dispute about that, which is currently under consideration in the Supreme Court.

Citing the same arrears, the government has also stopped the payment to be made by the internet service provider to the Indian upstream service provider. Because of this, a few days ago in Nepal Most of the internet services are blocked It happened. On the other hand, even though the 20 billion to be paid in 2076 was due till Tuesday and the frequency fee was still outstanding, the recommendation of Nepal Telecom for foreign currency was never stopped by the government.

Telecom license immediate renewal at 19 million, Ncell 20 billion

The date of issuance of license of Nepal Telecom and private company Ncell is different by five years and four months. Both the companies are providing services with the same license of GSM cellular mobile service which has a term of 25 years.

The same arrangement has been made to apply to both the companies in terms of fee, renewal and frequency fee of the license issued for mobile services. But in the matter of renewal, the government has taken the decision to deprive Ncell of concessions by Telecom.

There is a provision that the 25-year license of mobile service should be renewed for the first time for 10 years and then for five years. For that, a renewal fee of 20/20 billion rupees will have to be submitted.

Nepal Telecom, which got a license in 2056, was given a concession by the government to pay 20 billion renewal fees in installments in 2066. Ncell of similar status got the same concession during the renovation to be done in 2071.

Then in 2071, Nepal Telecom got the facility from the state to pay 20 billion rupees in installments for the second renewal. By doing so, the second renewal of Ncell took place in 2076.

Thus, both the companies got the concession of paying the renewal fee in installments for the first and second time equally. Then in 2076, Nepal Telecom had to pay a fee of 20 billion rupees and make its third renewal.

But this time, the government decided to renew the license for 90 percent of the license fee (18.9 million rupees) without the concession of installments. 20 billion rupees to be paid in May 2076 according to the rules, Telecom has come after five years and only last Tuesday, the authority Deposit into account has been done.

On the other hand, the third renewal deadline of Ncell, a private mobile service provider, is on 15 August. License only if 20 billion rupees are paid before that to renew The Council of Ministers has already taken a decision. While the telecom license was renewed for 189 million rupees and he has paid the remaining amount of 20 billion five years late.

In 4G and 5G, Telecom has been banned, and Ncell has been banned

In the 2077 meeting of the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee chaired by the Minister of Communications, only Nepal Telecom phage test It was decided to allow it to be done. In which the then Minister of Communication and Information Technology Parwat Gurung divided the government and the private sector Discriminatory judgment Did it.

Vishal Upadhyay, Chief Information Officer of Ncell, through a public platform, the regulator and the government eldest sonHe expressed his displeasure by saying that he was only feeding him. Ncell has not been given the same permission even after the completion of three years of giving permission to Telecom to test 5G. It seems that there is an understanding in the government bodies that Ncell's turn will come only after Nepal Telecom succeeds in the 5G test.

Not only in the 5G test, but also in the matter of putting the 4G service into operation, initially only Nepal Telecom was given permission. Thus, after Telecom started 4G service in January 2073, Ncell was able to launch 4G service only in May 2074.

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