These are the programs mentioned in the budget under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

These are the programs mentioned in the budget under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

For the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Rs. 7.74 billion allocation

Making public the budget of the Government of Nepal for the Fiscal Year 2078/07 last Saturday Communications And information Technology Of the Ministry For Rupee. 4 Billion ७४ Crore Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel informed that the allocation has been made.

The topic of information technology in the budget is also linked to various headings and other ministries. As information and communication technology (ICT) is a cross-cutting subject, it also touches all sectors, say experts.

However, the budget says that the Digital Nepal Framework will be implemented but there is no budget arrangement accordingly and the stakeholders have also complained that little attention has been paid to the development of the Digital Foundation. Spain says the budget did not address the demand for lower taxes and fees on the Internet.

Stakeholders have also complained that the Digital Nepal Framework will be implemented in the budget but there is no corresponding budget arrangement and the development of the Digital Foundation has not been given much attention. Spain says the budget did not address the demand for lower taxes and fees on the Internet.

Here is the information under which the budget has been allocated under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the focus of this sector.

Communications And information Technology development Budgets included in the internal budget respectively.

  • The current government is committed to democracy, including the right to information provided by the constitution and full freedom of the press. A policy will be adopted to develop the professionalism of the media house, media personnel and the overall press world.
  • Digital Nepal Framework will be implemented to make maximum use of information and communication technology. Simple and easy access of the general public to public services will be expanded using digital technology. A digital economy based on knowledge and information will be developed.
  • For working journalists, Rs. Arrangements will be made for the Government of Nepal to bear 50 percent of the insurance premium by insuring accidents up to Rs. 700,000. I have made an arrangement to provide free treatment to the journalists who are members of the Federation of Nepali Journalists from the 1st of July on the basis of the treatment facility identity card issued by the Press Council in all government health institutions in the country. A mass media training academy will be established within the next Fiscal Year to enhance the professional skills and professionalism of the media personnel. I have allocated necessary amount to complete the building under construction of the Federation of Nepali Journalists.
  • To keep the history of press and journalism of Nepal alive, a press museum will be established in the premises of Sanchar Gram. Journalists who have lost their jobs due to COVID (19) will be given writing scholarship and refinancing to the media house and business continuity loan facility.
  • The arrangement of depositing 10 percent of the amount provided by the Government of Nepal to the media establishment through public welfare advertisements in the Journalist Welfare Fund will be implemented soon. It will be encouraged to deposit 10 percent of the income earned from advertisement from the private sector in the said fund. Welfare fund mobilization procedure will be formulated and implemented within three months.
  • The quality of telecommunication services will be improved. Mobile device management system will be brought into operation from next Shravan 1. I am confident that the use of illegal mobile sets will be brought under control and criminal activities using mobile phones will also be brought under control.
  • Broadband internet service will be expanded in all local level centers, ward offices, health institutions, community campuses and secondary schools by mobilizing rural telecommunication development fund. Within the next two years, construction of optical fiber laying information highway will be completed across the country. Forge service will be expanded at all local levels. The cyber security of websites, applications and servers will be strengthened by institutional strengthening of the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center.
  • Equitable access to all types of newspapers, radio, television and online media will be ensured in government advertisements.
  • All types of services provided by government agencies will be integrated with citizen apps.
  • Film cinemas will be constructed in all the states. Construction will be started after conducting feasibility study to make a filming location in Ganesh Himal area. A modern film studio will be constructed in Banepa, Kavre. The concept of story bank will be implemented for making excellent films.
  • Postal service will be restructured and made modern and commercial. Important documents including citizenship and passport will be delivered safely and quickly to the doorsteps of the citizens through the postal service. Feasibility study will be done to expand e-commerce through post.
  • Radio Nepal’s access will be expanded by adding transmitters in nine different places including Panchthar, Bhojpur, Siraha, Parbat and Dang.
  • NTV World Channel will be launched to bring the broadcasting of Nepal Television to the international level.
  • For the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Rs. I have allocated Rs. 7.74 billion.


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