This is how son used Google Maps to catch the person who stole his father's phone

Kathmandu. A young man has resorted to Google Maps to find his lost phone. In the recent incident of mobile phone theft in India, the young man was able to reach the thief through Google Maps.

Raj Bhagat's father from Tamil Nadu in India was going to Trichy from a place called Nagercoil. For that, his father boarded the train named 'Nagarcoil-Kacheguda Express'. At 2 o'clock in the morning, the train was full of passengers. But another person who was riding with her father tried to steal the bag and mobile phone.

However, the feature of location sharing among their family members was enabled. That is, Bhagat could track where his father's phone is through that feature.

“After realizing that he did not have his bag and phone, my father called me from his friend's phone and informed me that it was about 4 am. Luckily, we had location sharing 'on' on family members' phones,” said Bhagat, who is also a software engineer. xMa wrote, “And I immediately tracked the location of my father's mobile. The phone showed a train running on the track near Melapalayam in Tirunelveli. That meant the thief was returning to Nagercoil from another train.”

After knowing the situation of the thief, Bhagat and one of his friends went to the railway station. But due to the crowd of people in the station, they could not identify the thief. However, they were chasing that person.

“Since I did not recognize the thief in the crowd, I told my friend that the location shown by Google was correct. I thought that even if the person who steals is in a moment, he will stop somewhere without walking. After about two minutes, the person stopped at the Anna bus stand. In the app, the distance of that person was showing only two meters from us. I quickly looked at the bags of the people around me. The bag carried by the person standing right in front of me had 'CITU' written on it. I found out that it was my father's bag. Because the father is a member of it. And with the help of other people, we were able to recover my father's stolen phone and bag,” he wrote.

After learning about this incident, most of the X users responded that they were affected by the maps feature. Bhagat said that he has handed over the accused to the police.

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