This is how to pay vehicle tax from the citizen app

This is how to pay vehicle tax from the citizen app

Vehicle tax registered in Bagmati can now be paid from the citizen app. Its citizen app has already come up with a vehicle tax option.

The government had launched the citizen app a few months ago with the aim of providing all public services from mobile as much as possible.

Vehicles registered within Bagmati Pradesh and registered in other provinces but paid tax and renewed from Bagmati Pradesh will also be able to pay tax and renew online.

From the Citizen app, you can view the information of your vehicle, get the information about the outstanding tax and the tax paid.

This is how you pay from the app

To pay vehicle tax from the Citizen app, first go to the app and click on the ‘Vehicle Tax’ option. Now fill in the details according to your vehicle’s bluebook and click on the search button.

Then the details of your vehicle in the transport office will appear. If there are any errors in the details, the missing details can be added. To do so, click here. Go to the text option.

Then correct the incorrect details and add the missing details. If you keep wrong details, you can get into legal trouble. The details you once corrected cannot be changed again and again. So pay close attention to the details.

Above you will see the tax arrears and tax pay tab along with the details of your vehicle. If you want to pay and renew your vehicle tax from the Citizen app, go to the rest of the tax. There you will see the details of the tax you have to pay including vehicle tax, penalty and renewal fee.

Now click on the Last Payment option to pay the tax and proceed by choosing one of the available means of payment. Details related to the payment made in this way and the vehicle tax paid on the previous day can be found under the tax return.


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