This is how you pay the Inland Revenue Department tax from Isewa

This is how you pay the Inland Revenue Department tax from Isewa

Did you know VAT, property tax, business tax and other service charges of any revenue office under the Inland Revenue Department can be remitted from the service.

With the availability of payment facility of the Inland Revenue Department in Isewa, the hassle of going to the revenue office and waiting in a long line has come to an end. This has also saved the time of the service recipient.

Taxpayers with Isewa accounts can easily pay taxes from home, while those without Isewa accounts can pay taxes from nearby Isewa zones and Isewa points. Taxes can be paid through Isewa’s mobile app and website.

Pay this way through Isewa

To pay taxes through Isewa, you must first go to the website of the Inland Revenue Office. Then go to the taxpayer portal and click on the General on the left and click on Taxpayer Login.

Then you have to enter your permanent account number and password and click on the payment voucher. Then you have to keep Everest Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank in the bank where the amount is deposited and you have to mention the type of tax you want to pay, the revenue title and the amount of tax.

After doing so, select the financial year and click on Generate Transaction Code. Enter the transaction code.

Now choose which tax to pay from Isewa’s website or mobile app. If you want to pay from Isewa’s website, go to the website, login, click on Government Payment and click on the Inland Revenue Department. Payment can then be made by entering the transaction code (EBP number) and the amount.

Similarly, if you want to pay taxes from Isewa’s mobile app, open the app and go to the Government Payment option. After going to the Government Payments section, you can click on the Inland Revenue Department and make a payment with the transaction code (EBP number) and the amount.

Once you have made the payment, it can be seen on the website of the Revenue Office and after the payment, it will be seen as Complete.


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