Three years of Iseva Money Transfer, driving remittances towards digitization

Isewa Money Transfer, a digital remittance company that has been operating since three years ago under Nepal’s leading fintech company – Efwan Soft Group, has completed three years.


This remittance company is currently bringing in remittances in Nepal with the help of more than 30 international remittance partners from more than 200 countries of the world.

This remittance company, which has advanced with the slogan “My first choice” by giving priority to digital remittances, has been coordinating with more than 60 banks and financial institutions in the country through digital technology, and has been immediately entering remittances into the customer’s account. Likewise, through Iseva Money Transfer, Nepalese abroad can easily send money to Iseva Wallet, a network of more than 6.1 million users.

Similarly, the company has also expanded its agent network to a large extent and has been able to deliver its services across the country. Currently, this company has more than 12,000 agents network across the country through which customers can get money from abroad immediately.

Not only this, consumers are also availing the remittance service of Iseva Money Transfer through 112,000 agent cash points of Iseva located in every corner of the country.

Speaking on the occasion of the third anniversary, the company’s Chief Executive Officer-Ajes Koirala said, ‘We are very happy and excited that Isewa Money Transfer has become the first choice of Nepalis abroad by providing fast, reliable and sophisticated services within 3 years of operation. I would like to give credit for our success to all partners, regulatory bodies, employees, agents, customers and all well-wishers.

He said that the main goal in the coming days is to bring happiness to the Nepalese abroad and their families by bringing in remittances at a low fee through digital means.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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