Tired of running out of laptop battery soon? Here are some ways to extend battery life

Tired of running out of laptop battery soon? Here are some ways to extend battery life

We use laptops for our personal work or for office work. Sometimes the laptop we use has to be charged again and again after a quick charge.

To solve this problem to some extent, today we are giving you some tips on how to increase the battery life of a laptop.

Using the Windows Battery Performance Slider

Windows Battery Performance Slider extends battery life. It has the best performance mode to save the battery in the laptop.

Better battery mode gives longer battery life. Battery saver mode reduces display brightness by 30 percent.

Windows updates are not allowed to download. Do not allow apps to run in the background. This reduces battery consumption.

Use less app and airplane mode

Airplane mode can be turned on if you want to work without being bothered by notifications. It also consumes less battery.

When you open many apps, it increases the battery consumption, so you only need to open as many apps as you need. You can also save a lot of power by turning off the background app.

Adjust display and graphic settings

If you have a powerful type of graphic processor, it should be used only by games or graphic intensive apps, but other apps may also be running.

To do this, go to the Program Settings tab and find out which graphic processing chip can be used.

Pay attention to the condition of the battery

Over time, all batteries lose their charging capacity. That’s why all users have to pay attention to the condition of the battery. If the device does not charge properly after many days, you may have to buy a new one.


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