Today at Google's annual developer conference, Android 15 to Pixel Fold Two will be announced

Kathmandu. Google is holding its annual developer conference Google I/O 2024 today. The company organizes this program every year to inform about new technology and gadgets.

You can get information about the new updates brought by Google from this program which has been going on continuously since 2008. This time Android will start from 10:45 PM according to Nepali time.

Not much information has been released about the technology and gadgets to be announced by Google at this year's event. However, the following can be expected to come through this program:

Android 15

Android 15 may be the main attraction of Google I/O this time. It is expected that AI-based features and improvements will be made in the new version of Android.

Similarly, satellite messaging, lock screen widget, status bar, battery health monitoring etc. can be improved.

Improvements to Gemini AI

Another is an improvement to the Gemini AI. Gemini is one of Google's most popular and powerful AI tools at the moment.

Through this program, Google can provide information about the various improvements to be made.

fixel fold two

Usually, Google rarely announces hardware through this program. But before this event, there were various rumors about the Pixel Fold Two.

Therefore, Google is likely to announce this Pixel Fold Two through this event.

How to watch the program?

Usually, Google broadcasts this program live online. Watch this Google program online click here do it

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