Tomorrow is the Habitat Innovation Conclave

Habitat Innovation Conclave 2023 will be held on Friday 3rd of Chait. The conclave, organized by the students of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Kathmandu University, is scheduled to start at Hotel Hyatt Place from 8 am on Friday.


Prof. former member of National Planning Commission as the main speaker in the program. Dr. Sangeeta Singh will give her presentation.

It is said that there will be product exhibition, product simulation, presentation and panel session at Claclave. The conclave will discuss innovative building materials, building codes, policies and standards, planning with new technologies, design and retrofitting, water and sanitation, energy efficiency in buildings and women in engineering and technology.

The conclave has been organized to solve the problem of unorganized urbanization that is now seen through new ideas. This time the conclave is focused only on the building. It is said that it will be further refined in the coming year.

In recent times, cities are becoming unlivable due to unplanned urbanization. Such problems have started to increase even in villages. Ganesh Shah, advisor of Habitat Innovation Conclave and former Minister of Science and Technology, says that the program was organized to bring out innovative ideas to manage unorganized urbanization and make the city livable.

Similarly, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department of Kathmandu University Dr. Bhala Prasad Thapa informed that the program is going to be held with the aim of making the living quarters sustainable and environment friendly.

Various speakers will give their presentations on selected topics. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director Dr. Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha, senior energy expert. Narayan Choulagai, Nirpal Adhikari, President of Munthana, Pragya Pradhan, Program Manager of UN Habitat and Amod Mani Dixit will give presentations.

Among the themes that came from the presentation were former Minister of Science and Technology Ganesh Shah, former Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel, former vice chancellor of NAST Sunil Babu Shrestha and former dean of Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Studies Triratna Bajracharya will analyze and synthesize.

The program is supported by the University Grants Commission. A report will be prepared summarizing the topics raised in the program. It is said that the prepared report will be provided to the Government of Nepal through the University Grants Commission.

To participate in the program click here can be registered. There will be a fee to participate.

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