Too many Facebook groups? This can be removed from the Facebook group

Too many Facebook groups? This can be removed from the Facebook group

As the number of Facebook users grows, so does the trend of creating groups. Discussions are done by creating different groups. Some of them may have formed such groups out of necessity but some of them are kept in such groups without any information.

I get annoyed by frequent notifications from Facebook groups. If you don’t need a Facebook group, you can easily opt out. Here’s how:

This is how to remove Facebook from desktop computer

– Open Facebook.

– Click on the group option on the left.

– Now here comes the list of all the Facebook groups you have connected. There, select the group you want to delete.
– Now there is an option called joint at the top right. Click there.

– There are three options. It has a ‘live group’. Click on it.

– Now confirmation comes that you have to leave the gross. There is an option called Cancel and Live Group. Click on Live group.

Remove group from mobile in this way

– Open the Facebook app.

– There is a three line icon in the upper right part. To open it

– Now there are many options. Scroll down. Select the Group option.

– Now the groups you are a member of are open. Above is a list of Facebook groups you have connected in large letters with photos. You can select the group you want to leave by scrolling left and right.

– Now there is a three dot icon in the upper right corner. Clicking on it brings up various options. There is an option called Live Group. Click on it.

– Now if you want to leave the group, ask for confirmation. Now click on Live Group.


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