Two Nepalis who threatened to kill over the phone and demanded a ransom of 5 million rupees were arrested

Kathmandu. Two people have been arrested for demanding Rs 5 crore by threatening to kill them through phone and SMS. The police team deployed from District Police Office (ZIP) Kaski arrested the person on Wednesday.

Among those arrested are 36-year-old Lakshman Darzi and 42-year-old Deepak Bahadur Chhetri, who were originally from Parbat and are currently living in Pokhara. According to the police, on January 18, Prakashdeep Gayre, the owner of Sachai Seva Kendra in Pokhara and central president of Sachai Kendra Nepal, filed a complaint that he received death threats through phone and MMS.

According to Gair, the ransom demander demanded five crore rupees by talking in Hindi. After threatening to kill him and his family if he did not pay the money, Gayre filed an application with the Zipra Kaski. According to the police, while investigating on the basis of that, the person who threatened Gayre was arrested on Wednesday night.

According to Surya Rana, Information Officer and Police Inspector of Kaski, Zipra, they had planned to demand ransom after seeing the video of Chairman Gayre on YouTube. “He is like a president. There were videos of him talking on YouTube,” Police Inspector Rana said. “After getting to know them, it has been seen from the preliminary investigation that they planned to demand ransom.”

On January 13, both the arrested persons spent two hours at the Sachai Kendra to find out the number of Prakashdeep Gayre. Then on 18th January, they threatened her by text message and phone. After threatening him, he reached the truth center on 20th of January to know the effect. Then again on 23rd of January, Rana says that he reached the truth center.

According to Rana, one Indian SIM card, three Ncell SIMs and 5 Namaste SIMs have been recovered from the arrested person.

Detailed information about why the Indian SIM card was kept has not come out yet. Apart from SIM cards, four mobile phones, papers with names of different people, capes for loaded guns and other materials were recovered from them. The arrested tailor and Chhetri have been taken to the district police office in Kaski and further investigation has been carried out, the police said.

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